Building Demolition

When you are faced with a building demolition task, there are literally thousands of different aspects that you have to consider. Everything from filing the proper permits to checking with all Federal, State, and local agencies to ensure all laws are being followed. All of these factors can be a process, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, one misstep can result in disaster and a costly financial lesson. The time, manpower, equipment, safety procedures, and debris haul away on any building demolition can be enough to drive a person crazy. This is why 702 Demo is here to meet all your demolition needs, and to ensure that your projects go smoothly from start to finish.

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Whether you’re considering an office removal, a single room deconstruction, or a complete building takedown, 702 Demo is here to make the demolition process go as smoothly as possible. Even when doing one room of a larger complex, there is a multitude of factors to consider. Everything from plumbing to electrical to insulation hazards that you might run into could play into whether or not a job is simple or complex, we at 702 Demo have the building demolition experience to make sure that these obstacles are handled in a quick, thorough, and professional manner.

Are you concerned about noise pollution? What about the environmental impact of a take-down? There are plenty of contaminant concerns to be addressed with any demolition project. A safe building demolition project doesn’t just mean that the surrounding structures are unharmed, it also means that the environmental impact is nonexistent. From initial setup to the final debris haul away, our team is well-versed in environmental safety procedures. We are compliant with all laws and regulations and can assure you that you won’t have any unexpected surprises when it comes to making sure your demolition was kept safe.

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At 702 Demo, quality is our stock and trade. We stand by the jobs that we do, and our track record of building demolition jobs speaks for itself. If you need references, we can happily provide a list of satisfied clientele that have experience with us. Whether you are looking at a building gutting, an office park removal, a building takedown, or just having an office bathroom removed, we can not only provide the qualifications, we can provide the skills and expertise that make a difference in any building demolition. We have the knowledge that comes from experience, and we put that to the test with every job we take. Also, no matter the size of the job we do, 702 Demo is committed to treating each project as important as the last. So, if you are talking about a one-day job or something that is extremely involved, it does not matter. The quality of our work is as solid as our reputation at 702 Demo.

We know that with every building demolition project, there are certain needs that must be addressed. One positive attribute about working with 702 Demo is the level of communication we provide about each job we take on. From the initial project startup meeting to our last close-out session, you’ll find that we keep you involved in every step of the building demolition process. We strive to make sure our clients know what is going on, and that we are meeting all their concerns at each step of the process. From avoiding key structures to working around your schedules, to meeting agreed-upon deadlines, we stand by the project plans we provide, and make sure they are dependable, accurate, and realistic. We don’t over-promise, and as a result, we know that you’ll be overly impressed.

Performing any building demolition can be an intimidating process. Let us at 702 Demo shoulder the responsibility of making sure your job is done right the first time. We have the experience, the equipment, the tools, talent, and time to make your demolition dreams a reality. More than that, we can provide you with a hassle-free experience that should leave you with a feeling of satisfaction at a job well done. Let us show you why our clients trust and prefer us for their building demolition needs. There are other companies out there that say they can do what we do, but at 702 Demo, we let our proven track record of successful demolition jobs speak for itself. Ask around and you’ll see that when it comes to building demolition, no one does it better than 702 Demo.