Concrete Removal

When performing a demolition job, no process is more common and more difficult than concrete removal and demolition, and it can be a nightmare for those that are looking to do it themselves. The time, effort, manpower, and equipment involved can be daunting. Not everyone has the resources to get the job done right, and too often, those that try it themselves either find that they don’t have the necessary skills and equipment, or that they end up damaging their surroundings. Because of the difficulties involved with concrete demolition, a professional is needed to make sure that the job is done correctly, and the professional staff at 702 Demo is just the team to ensure a successful demolition.

At 702 Demo, we have a long and reputable history of successful concrete demolition projects. We know the ins and outs of working with concrete, how to scope a job properly, and how to ensure that our focus is only on the areas that need to be addressed. We are experts at 702 Demo and all the intricacies that are involved with a successful project, and we stand behind our work. More than that, we stand behind the claim that you will be 100% satisfied with that work.

From the very beginning, our staff will work with you on every step of the concrete removal process. We make sure that you are involved with each phase of the project plan. This ensures that you have a solid understanding of what 702 Demo seeks to accomplish on your site and that we have a complete understanding of your needs. We work with you on the timetable, what equipment and manpower are involved, and what a successful concrete demolition will mean for you and your property. From start to finish, we believe in keeping communication going with a client and making sure that your needs are met.

To help ensure a successful concrete demolition project, we go out of our way to not only ensure that all proper safety forms are filed and that all necessary permits are completed, but that your property is completely inspected for any potential hazards. If a requested job will result in structural instability elsewhere, we will let you know, and walk you through the alternatives available. If a job requires the removal of additional plumbing, sewer, or electrical, we will make sure that you are kept up to date on what that will mean for you, both in terms of time and cost. We are well-versed in all aspects of concrete removal, and we are committed to making sure that whatever the process involved, it’s one that you won’t have to worry about.

One major concern for many of our clients is debris removal. A concrete demolition project can mean a literal mountain of leftover problems, but fortunately, it’s one that 702 Demo is more than able to handle. We make sure that your debris problem becomes our debris problem, and that all haul away is performed to your specifications. We walk you through the process of safely decontaminating a work site of any leftover debris, and strive to make sure that all concrete demolition sites we are assigned to are treated with the utmost professionalism. Let 702 Demo handle all your concrete removal needs. We have the proper equipment, manpower, and most importantly, the experience needed to ensure a safe and speedy cleanup, every time.

Concrete removal can mean many things, from working with a foundation on a property to the take down of an office complex. No matter the size, you will find that 702 Demo has an extensive list of references ready for any scale project. If you’re looking for residential concrete removal, or if you need something geared more towards the commercial side of things, let us know. 702 Demo is well-versed in concrete removal, and we are capable of performing any and all types, regardless of scope. From property to parking lots, we have you covered with all of your concrete demolition needs.

Performing a concrete removal project can be a difficult and involved job, and it’s one that many people simply aren’t trained to do. 702 Demo is here for you and can provide the service and expertise needed to ensure that your concrete job, whatever it may be, is one that will be performed beyond your expectations. Concrete removal can be tough, so let 702 Demo make it easy. Put our experience to work, and let us show you why we are the industry leader when it comes to concrete demolition projects.